Xeodrifter - FPS Coutner in Steam

With frames per second grabbing so much attention in the gaming market these days, we figured it was only a matter of time until one of the major platforms included an FPS counter in its system.

Valve has announced by way of a product update that it has added an in-game FPS counter to the Steam Overlay. You can actually see it in action in the screenshot I snapped for the head of this post. It's very tiny, but the counter sits in the top left corner and currently reads 61 FPS for Xeodrifter.

You can toggle the counter on and off by hopping into the in-game overlay (that default command is Shift+Tab), opening settings, popping over to the in-game tab and tweaking the necessary toggles. It's super easy to enable and disable, so check it out.

With this new ability to simply discover and track framerates in games, I imagine we'll see even more arguing and bluster about compromised titles in the PC marketplace. Hey, I'm a fan of consumer knowledge, so this simple little feature is one I actually like seeing.

What do you think?