reports that Valve's customer service is getting roughly 49,199 refund requests a day, and these are dealt with anywhere from 1.35 hours to 1.53 days later. The number of requests is over three times larger than the 16,535 requests Valve's customer service gets in a single day

I'd love to see the stats behind the reasons

This refund service from Steam has been available since 2015, and I can't imagine how many lost sales that indie developers who make games under 2 hours long must have seen since then.

The idea of 50,000 refund requests doesn't surprise me one bit. Sadly, the statistic that interests me the most can't honestly be measured, and this stat is the reasoning behind each of the refunds. For those who play the first two hours of a game and then demand a refund just to scrounge their money back, all they have to do is make a complaint about the quality of the game, and that becomes the official reasoning behind it.

I wonder if there is a way to honestly research, aside from straight up asking, how many people abuse the system and how many legitimately had a complaint with the games they got refunded for. Pay for your games, people. It makes the whole world spin.