Oh, the boundaries the video game industry will push. A development team named Undead Labs has just released a debut trailer for their upcoming survival game, State of Decay, and if the name of the development team wasn't subtle enough, the game will feature zombies.

State of Decay claims to separate itself from the pack by focusing solely on survival. Set amongst an open world, gamers will have to build custom defenses to fend of spontaneous zombie threats and raid the bases of surviving marauders for their supplies. The cast of characters is also huge, each one bringing something unique to the team.

Don't count me as sold yet. A lot of zombie games sound like it will finally be "the one" when first debuted, but something often goes horribly wrong during development. If Undead Labs truly creates a living, breathing open-world game based solely on the "realistic" survival in a zombie apocalypse, then I'll keep it on my radar. The last thing the industry needs right now though is another scripted linear zombie shoot-a-thon or shopping mall survival horror guide.

Undead Labs started shop back in 2011 with the dream of creating a zombie MMO, and State of Decay has always been planned as the prequel to their ultimate goal. They'd better hurry up with their plans, because several other teams are already well underway with their MMOs.

While now confirmed to be available for the PC, it began its life as an Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusive, which might explain the janky graphics. No official release date yet.

[via VG247]