State of Decay 2, a sequel to Undead Labs' 2012 open-world zombie sim was teased at E3 last year. Since then we've heard almost nothing about it save for name drops by Xbox boss Phil Spencer and mentions in leaked materials. Undead Labs has dropped a morsel for us to chew on while we wait for E3 to hit via a new blog post.

The game is going to launch with three maps, each of which will be around the size of the one map in the first game. Each will have different environments, layouts, and landmarks, which Undead Labs says allows them to offer up different strategies, homesites, and mission types.

Immersion, variety, and expansion

State of Decay

Undead Labs' post says the decision was made to use three maps instead of just one because it makes it feel like you're "moving from one small town to another," creating a "tremendous sense of immersion."

Interestingly, the team also feels that the separate maps make the world feel bigger than if they were just stitched together.

"You know how on one map (even one three times the size of the original game's), the longer you play, the more you start feeling deja vu with every mission? That's less of an issue with separate maps," the post says.

And having separate maps, as you might guess, makes it easier to expand the game, the team says – you don't have to explain why a whole chunk of a map wasn't there before.

The original State of Decay was a janky, technically weird game, but it had some charm to it and did things other zombie games couldn't, and I'm interested to see where the sequel goes when it hits Xbox One and PC sometime later this year. We'll know more at E3 2017.