Think you could be the next Zuckerberg? StartupBus is a project that puts a team of strangers on a bus for 72 hours and has them dream up the next big thing while speeding down the highway to SXSW. Buses travel to the event from Washington DC, Boston, Las Vegas, New York City, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Louisiana, Florida, Ohio and Mexico City.

Each bus typically contains 6 teams, and when they buses arrive those teams pitch their ideas to a panel of judges who pick a top 2 from each bus. Those two teams then compete against all the rest in a semifinal and final round judged by investors and entrepreneurs.The project started 2 years ago as a joke gone wrong made by fouder and leader Elias Bizannes, where a pub night promise of "a roadtrip starting in San Francisco with friends, but with the twist of launching a startup on arrival in Austin in time for the SxSW technology conference" turned into an actual event he had to make good on. Bizannes was able to find a bus with Wi-Fi, and sponsors juts a month before setting off.

People on the bus fall into one of these categories:

Buspreneur – You are one of those driven, maniacal world-changers

Hacker – You're more than a coder: you're a versatile hacker, you're bad-ass and you do what it takes to get the job done

Hipster – You are all about UX and UI  (if you are a front-end coder, please say so)

Hustler – Your business acumen is second to none, you pitch in your sleep, you created the bubble. Innately indefinable, hustlers must prove they have the Midas touch

Applications are currently still open for bus riders, with the buses taking off on March 4th. Think you have what it takes? Submit your application here.