Reinventing Wi-Fi

If nobody ever bothered to reinvent the wheel, we'd all be riding around on four semi-circular stones with uneven surfaces and poor braking performance. Keeping that in mind, we won't necessarily dismiss a startup's attempt to reinvent Wi-Fi as we know it. In short, startup Eero wants to blanket your home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi that doesn't suffer from annoying issues like dead spots, buffering, and complicated passwords.

The startup is pitching its self-titled Eero box as the world's first home Wi-Fi system. This is to differentiate it from a router and/or network extender. Instead, it's a single piece of hardware, a little white box, that's designed to be placed in multiple locations in your home. According to Eero, three of them will cover a typical home.

Despite the attempt to bill it as something different, it's really a router and network extender in one, with smart capabilities. The way it works is you plug the first one into your cable or DSL modem, then take the the remaining boxes (two, if you own a "typical" house) and plug them into power outlets around your home. That's it.

Each Eero configures itself and automatically connects with one another to form a mesh network covering your entire residence. As you move about with your wireless devices, you'll always stay connected with a strong signal. In theory, anyway — we haven't tested these claims (yet).

Other than widespread coverage, the main selling point is Eero's simplicity. It takes care of security, auto-updates itself, and even reboots itself if there's a problem.

We're definitely intrigued, and you can bet we'll put the Eero system through it's paces the first chance we get. In the meantime, it's available to pre-order today — a single unit goes for $125, currently discounted from its regular $199 price, while a three-pack goes for $299, discounted from $499.

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