Unless my ears are playing crazy tricks on me, the narrator in the video above is the same one that was used in Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption trailer series over two years ago.

Today marks the first day of the Starhawk public beta period that's opening up the PlayStation 3 owners. The beta itself will roll out to a different set of users over the next month; gamers with PlayStation Plus subscriptions will have acces to the action today. Here's the full schedule, as shared by the PlayStation Blog:

January 17: All PlayStation Plus subscribers and all Private Beta participants (who haven't erased their original Private Beta files). You can learn more about PS Plus here.

January 31UNCHARTED 3 Beta key holders. These voucher codes were found inside of North American copies of UNCHARTED 3.

February 7: Visit GameStop and PlayStation on Facebook and see how you can get early voucher codes.

February 14IGN.com (details to be revealed soon)

February 21: Everyone with a PlayStation Network account…in other words, everyone who wants in, gets in!

In addition to the beta's opening and the brand new trailer you see above, Sony officially announced the release date for the spiritual successor to Warhawk. Starhawk will launch for the PlayStation 3 on May 8th, 2012.

As the trailer indicates, Sony plans to rely on feedback from the beta period to make this gaming experience as good as it can be. If you do happen to partake in this free multiplayer madness, make sure you do your part and provide a bit of commentary regarding what you liked and hated within the experience. That includes reporting bugs. Here are Sony's instructions for doing so:

Where do you report bugs?
Go to http://us.playstation.com/psn/ and use your PSN ID to log in. All Beta players will get private access to the Beta forums. If you find a bug, post it here, but remember, we need specific steps on how to reproduce your issue. You can also visit www.StarhawkTheGame.com and have discussions on our official forums. But please use the Beta forums to post any bugs.

Will you be taking part?

[via PlayStation Blog]