Stardew Valley is becoming something of an under-the-radar smash hit. The title just recently released on Steam with nothing but word of mouth as the wind behind its sails, and it’s quickly approaching half-a-million copies sold.

PC Gamer caught up with Stardew Valley‘s single developer, Eric Barone. He says that the game has sold 425,000 copies across Steam and GOG since its launch less than two weeks ago.

The title scratches a wonderful itch. It’s a Harvest Moon-like experience for the PC, complete with its own personality and take on the super simple yet surprisingly deep gameplay.

The PC crowd was hungry for a nostalgic take on a classic formula, and Barone delivered it. I’ve been playing it on PC, but I also want a crack at it on a portable like the PS Vita. I doubt that’ll happen, but this game is perfect for the handheld mode of play.

Have you tried Stardew Valley? I need to dump more time into the experience.