South Korea, long seen as the bastion of the most hardcore StarCraft fans on the planet, is certainly living up to its reputation with this one. Moon Jae-in, a presidential candidate for the upcoming special election to replace ousted president Park Geun-hye, is turning to the Blizzard classic to pitch himself to gamers.

His campaign has put together two maps, both called Moonsters, which pitch several of his political stances written with the game's minerals.

And you don't have to pay for it either!

Not only is this advertising totally free for Moon Jae-in, it's also free for all of the games' fans. Blizzard recently made StarCraft totally free a full 18 years after it first launched, meaning that if you pick up the game, you can get the Moonsters maps without a penny lost.

At least it's cheaper than advertising in Call of Duty or an EA Sports games. But with a name like Moonsters, the campaign also clearly needs to look beyond the realm of video games. Perhaps fans of obscure 60s horror themed sitcoms are their next target audience.