Released yesterday, Blizzard has unveiled the storyline behind the biggest unit coming to StarCraft II.  In their typical fashion, the Mothership's storyline spans 6 pages with tales of war, death, and the fall of Aiur. Even better, they finally show off some footage of what appears to the near-final version of the Mothership and its abilities.  As seen before, it's a very slow moving unit with insane defense that cloaks all nearby enemies and buildings.  The Mothership has an ability called Wormhole Transit that allows it to instantly warp to another Protoss building.   We also see Vortex used twice which traps nearby units for 30 seconds and Temporal Rift which creates a distortion field where ground units inside have movement speed, attack speed, and ability cast times slowed by 50%.  Check out the Mothership's storyline and impatiently await the release of StarCraft II's open beta.