Starcraft Ghost

Be prepared to take this with a huge amount of skepticism, but a Blizzard official has come out and stated that the long thought dead Starcraft: Ghost was never actually canceled. As the official clarified, this vaporware is still on hold.

In an incredibly brief interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK at PAX, Matthew Berger answered in textbook fashion about the fate of the sci-fi tactical third-person shooter. In fact, it is so short and to the point, we’ll just post it right here.

OPM: Is Starcraft: Ghost still an active project for Blizzard?

Berger: It’s on hold. It has never been cancelled.

OPM: So it might still get released?

Berger: Maybe.

Note: We edited the quote from OPM to correct the spelling Berger’s last name.

Fans of Starcraft might remember the ill-fated Starcraft: Ghost when it was first announced back in 2002. The game put gamers on the battlefield of the popular RTS series, controlling one of the ghost super soldiers. The setting and base layouts all featured buildings modeled after those available in Starcraft, and even sported popular enemies like the Zerg.

The title was thought to be canceled as more and more successful projects began to take shape, like World of Wacraft, followed by Starcraft 2, and ultimately Diablo 3. However, with not much but a free-to-play card game on their plate now and the full backing of Activision dollars, which they did not have in 2002, who’s to say that Starcraft: Ghost still isn’t a possibility?

It could very well be next-gen bound with plenty of other long forgotten vaporware titles we’ve given up on.

Could this long gone vaporware eventually make a miraculous resurrection? Is there still demand for such a title in this market?