Alongside the announcement for the new StarCraft Remastered, Blizzard also confirmed that the original 1998 classic will be available totally for free on its website “later this week.”

The free version will roll out alongside Version 1.18 of StarCraft: The Brood War, and the update will include an official spectator view, the ability to rebind keys to new actions, new anti-cheat software, and it will crush bugs that have plagued it for the last 20 years!

StarCraft: The Brood War was available for $14.99 until Blizzard recently took it down from its digital shelves.

Not a lot of games are perfect, but…

Even as someone who is not altogether into the RTS genre, and not to mention a bigger fan of Command & Conquer, I’ll acknowledge that StarCraft is one of gaming’s most important and iconic titles of all time.

From the sensation it became in North America upon release to the bigger sensation it became in South Korea, to the long awaited sequel and canceled action game spin-off, Blizzard’s masterpiece is loaded with legacy and is just as important to gaming culture as Super Mario Bros. or DOOM before it. The fact that everyone can play it for free now is even more amazing.

You know, the HD remaster sounds fine and all… but, I can guarantee that those who obsessively played this game at the turn of the millennium will eventually find their way back to the original. Check out the update later this week.