Starbucks Free Wi-Fi featured

Starbucks is quickly bringing many of the terrific services it offers to customers in the U.S. to those of us in the U.K. Following the introduction of free Wi-Fi at Starbucks outlets across the Atlantic, the coffee giant is now offering its iTunes 'Pick of the Week' promotion to us Brits.

The program launches today in the U.K. and allows all customers to access a free download on iTunes every time they purchase a coffee. Customers will be handed a 'Pick of the Week' download card with each purchase, which can then be redeemed through iTunes on their computer or iOS device. The card is valid for 60 days, and the free download changes each week.

U.S. customers have been enjoying this offer since way back in 2006, but this is the first time the program has been available in the U.K. To celebrate its launch in the U.K., Starbucks will be offering two free downloads this week: James Morrison's latest track, My Dreams, and a free iBook called Limitless by Alan Glynn. Future downloads will include tracks from Coldplay, Tony Bennet, and The Kooks, according to The Guardian.

Brian Waring, vice president of marketing and category for Starbucks UK and Ireland, said that the 'Pick of the Week' promotion is just part of the company's "extremely exciting" plans for 2012:

"Digital offers are very important to us and making WiFi freely available across our stores is the foundation for many other plans we have moving forward… Content partnerships are key and we also have an extremely exciting digital programme ahead for 2012."

I'm pleased that Starbucks' free iTunes downloads have finally made it to the U.K., it's just a shame that Starbucks stores aren't as widespread here as they are in the U.S. My nearest Starbucks store is about 23 miles away, and that's a pretty long drive for a large latte and a free single.

Are you pleased that 'Pick of the Week' has finally come to the U.K.?

[via The Guardian]