Starbucks began testing a new delivery option on Tuesday, though for now it’s limited to just one building. The company’s Green Apron service is available in the Empire State Building, offering hand-delivered coffee and snacks to the more than 12,000 people who work inside.

If you work in the Empire State Building, you can pick out your food and beverage using a specially designed new website. The order will then be prepared in a kitchen inside the building and delivered to a dedicated location in your office within 30 minutes.

Green Apron is designed for cities and other dense environments with a Starbucks on almost every other street. That makes it possible for local baristas to deliver coffee to the community without needing to travel very far. For now it’s just a pilot project, though it’s possible the company will expand to other parts of the city soon.

“New York City has always inspired us to consider new ways to innovate for our growing store portfolio and I cannot think of a better location to launch one of the most frequently requested services,” said the company’s Americas chief Cliff Burrows. “With Starbucks Green Apron Delivery, we’ve simply moved that moment of connection between our customer and the barista from our place to theirs.”

Starbucks has the potential to bring coffee deliveries to the mass market, but the company will need to move quickly if it wants to keep up with new rivals like Seamless and Postmates. In the meantime, you can always use the Starbucks app to order ahead and pay with your phone.