Twitter is more than just quick blips of news and thoughts, and as the company approaches its IPO we're seeing new use case scenarios for the social network. The latest is from Starbucks, which on Monday introduced "Tweet a Coffee." The idea is simple, you head over to the Starbucks website, create an account and enter in your payment information, and then you can start sending people coffee over Twitter.

Once you've setup an account, you can just write "@tweetacoffee to @insertnamehere, and a Tweet will be sent with a $5 credit to Starbucks so that he or she can buy a coffee or any other product from Starbucks. It's a compelling business idea that alleviates any need for a plastic gift card, and we wonder if we'll see this start to become a trend. If Twitter gets on board with the service, it could start to pull in additional revenues from other unique marketing ideas such as this one.