Star Wars X-Wing cross-section

At the risk of pandering to the colossal avalanche of Star Wars: The Force Awakens coverage this month, it's a safe bet that pretty much everyone you know would be down with getting a cool Star Wars-related gift this season.

I mean, it's Star Wars, right?  And now that you've likely completed your first…or second…or 10th viewing of the new film, time to dazzle that person appreciative of Rebel Alliance weapon design esthetics with this ridiculously awesome Star Wars X-Wing Fighter art print, now just $19 (23% off its regular price.)

Don't know your turbo impeller from your primary sensor array? A little hazy on where the X-Wing is packing its gyroscopic stabilizer? With this slick art piece lovingly designed by the talented Devin Schoffler, you'll practically be ready to assemble your own s-foil sporting, front-line attack vehicle — if you can scrape up some spare repulsor lifts and photon torpedo tubes, that is.

And this is no mere poster, kids. This intricate cross-section is printed on 100-year archival quality 100 lb. white polar paper, suitable for framing.

Up your art game AND maintain your geek cred with this instant conversation piece at a healthy 23% off right now in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.