There’s no doubt about it: virtual reality is going to open up a lot of new and old gaming fantasies for the medium. One unavoidable fantasy? Star Wars.

Here we have a fan made trailer for a proposed Star Wars VR title running in Unreal Engine 4 and built for Oculus. I am nerding out so hard for it, even if the Hoth looks pretty bad.

Everything else? Man, it looks really awesome, complete with the “Enlist Today” poster slapped onto the dash of the X-Wing during the Death Star raid.

It’s still nothing but fantasy, I’m afraid. The video even includes this boiler plate stuff in its description:

This is a non-profit, fan-made project and is in no way approved by, sponsored by, or affiliated with LucasFilm Ltd, Walt Disney, or Twentieth Century Fox. All rights reserved by the respective copyright holders. All content is unofficial and is not intended for sale. It can in no way be deemed a contest of the rights and ownership of the respective copyright holders or licensees thereof.

Well, at least Star Wars Battlefront is coming soon. That game looks wonderful, and maybe it’ll gain Morpheus and Oculus support down the line. Look, it’s perfect for it.