EA had a little news to share on Star Wars during its E3 2016 press conference, and it took the opportunity to announce three new projects.

EA’s General Manager of Motive Studios Jade Raymond showed up on stage and stated that the new Star Wars Battlefront sequel is being created in collaboration with DICE and Motive. Raymond stated that this new Battlefront is being created with elements from the new films and feedback of the fans in mind. Criterion Games is working on the VR segment for PlayStation VR.

Raymond also confirmed that the much discussed Amy Hennig Star Wars game from Dead Space studio Visceral Games would be released in 2018. Early footage could be seen in EA’s montage reel.

And lastly, Raymond stated that Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment was also working on a Star Wars game, but didn’t expand any further.

So yeah, Star Wars news everyone! Well, a little bit at least. No release dates, no explanations, no indication on what this new Battlefront game is. But three games in development we might see in two or three years. That’s something.