Star Wars: Uprising will hit both the iOS and Android mobile gaming platforms on September 10.

What is Star Wars: Uprising? This is an action RPG set in a single sector within the Star Wars galaxy. It takes place in the Anoat sector, and that’s home to both Hoth and Bespin, though more locations will be in the game.

Now, the title is free-to-play, though we have no idea how the microtransactions or ads will scale in the experience. If there’s a way to play without being bashed over the head with tiny things to buy or a constant stream of in-game video ads, it could be quite fun.

You can see what the game looks like in motion in the video at the head of this post. It’s almost like a super light version of Diablo, right?

I’ll be checking it out on Thursday. That’s definitely the benefit of going free-to-play. I have no fear when it comes to trying the title.