Star Wars - The Old Republic

Earlier this week, EA had an earnings call with investors. During that call, EA Labels President Frank Gibeau announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic is enjoying a solid rebound in income.

Last fall, The Old Republic MMO added a free-to-play option to its tier of member models. Since then, BioWare and EA's massive online game has doubled its income.

Gibeau also announced that moving to free-to-play added 1.7 million new players to the game. The number of paying subscribers, while not completely amazing, has plateaued below 500,000.

Star Wars: The Old Republic still isn't the gargantuan beast of an MMORPG that EA and BioWare thought they were crafting out of an incredible license. Built to be yet another WoW killer, The Old Republic stumbled out of the gates at launch and hasn't really recovered entirely since.

The news of its growth and profitability, however, is good. This game might be on its way to much bigger and better things.