EA still needs to ween gamers away from World of Warcraft and into the arms of Star Wars: The Old Republic to make the game a genuine hit. While already seeing decent numbers, Bioware's Star Wars MMO doesn't quite rule the online galaxy yet, and to make matters worse, World of Warcraft is getting hammered by free-to-play now as well, leaving EA to get a little drastic with their pricing plan.

From today, Star Wars: The Old Republic will be free to all gamers up to level 15. The free trial allows gamers to create their own Star Wars character and experience all the job classes and PVP modes available from the onset of the game. Thousands of gamers currently just leisurely enjoy the game around level 15, so plenty other scum and villainy will be available to tour the galaxy with newcomers.

The free trial is available to everyone except gamers who already have an account. Purchasing the game after the free trial will allow your character to be carried over into the full version of the game.

Bioware is looking into options to make Star Wars: The Old Republic a free-to-play experience, but currently demand is to high among subscribers and the jump from a subscription based pricing plan isn't easily done overnight.

Download Star Wars: The Old Republic at its official website and create an account to begin your sci-fi saga for free.

[via CVG]