The first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been released and, as expected, it picks up right after The Force Awakens. Rey has begun her training to be a Jedi, while Finn is still on the mend due to his injuries. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker, having gone in hiding on Ahch-To, sounds grumpier than ever.

As the first teaser, there's a surprising amount of footage to unpack, from cosmic dogfights to boardroom politics. Oh, and before we dive in, can we please take a moment to acknowledge how incredible the poster is? I've already decided that's going up on my wall.

As the teaser begins, we find Rey gasping for air, either due to training or because of some kind of flashback. Or, perhaps, Luke is pulling some wicked Force tricks on her so that she'll leave him alone. After all, she kind of just showed up on Ahch-To at the end of The Force Awakens. Maybe he doesn't want the company.

"Breathe," a voiceover says. The voice is slightly modulated but it's probably Luke speaking, so we'll assume it's him.

We get a lot of different shots of Ahch-To, so you have to wonder how long Rey and Luke will be there. Having helped destroy Starkiller base, you have to imagine the First Order will be reeling from the defeat, with Snoke and Kylo Ren out for revenge.

"Just breathe," Luke says. "Now, reach out."

We see Rey learning to control her Force powers, elevating some pebbles like she's about to fly into the air like Superman.

"What do you see?" Luke asks. The teaser then cuts to Princess Leia observing some kind of galactic map—and there's a whisper as the camera closes in on her. It's tough to make out but it likely means Leia can feel the presence of her brother.

"Light," Rey responds to Luke's instructions.

The trailer cuts again and we see a destroyed helmet on the ground, with smoke coming off it, as though it was just smashed to pieces. It looks to me like the helmet of Kylo Ren but there's also a chance it's the smashed helmet of Darth Vader, which we got a glimpse of in The Force Awakens.

Our guess is Kylo Ren had another one of his hissy fits and used his lightsaber to destroy the helmet.

"Darkness," Rey says.

This part is baffling us. As the trailer cuts, we get a look at what appears to be a bookshelf with ancient texts. The symbol that appears at the 1:02 mark is a Jedi symbol that appeared during the Clone Wars. Our speculation is this may be a look at a Force-sensitive tree, which would make sense if Ahch-To is indeed home to the first Jedi Temple.

"The balance," Rey says.

"So much bigger," Luke responds.

Finally, we see Rey wielding Luke's old lightsaber as he watches on. So, obviously, he has agreed to train her, though he was probably very reluctant to do so.

Then the trailer really kicks into high gear.

We see a brand new planet called Crait, which director Rian Johnson said is "uncharted territory." In the distance are what look to be AT-ATs—but they're probably some upgraded model we haven't seen before. There have been some rumors these walkers will be even meaner and more armored than what we saw in Empire Strikes Back. No clue what those speeders are going toward the First Order vehicles but they're looking pretty junky (and also really cool).

Finn is in some kind of transportation pod, and he still looks like he's in bad shape. Eventually, he'll get back on his feet. But when the movie starts, he'll likely be out of commission for a little while, still recovering from the injuries inflicted upon him by Kylo Ren.

Poe and BB-8 run through an unknown hallway toward his awesome black X-Wing. Unfortunately, it appears to meet its untimely demise before an explosion decimated whatever hangar they're at. On the left and right of the frame appear to be hints at A-Wings showing up in the movie.

The Millennium Falcon flies into action and takes out a TIE Fighter. We're not sure what's going on here but it could be that the First Order has discovered where Luke and Rey are hiding and this is some kind of escape.

"I only know one truth," Luke says, now slightly less modulated.

Rey, who is wielding a lightsaber, sprints toward something. This could be part of her training, or it could be part of a big battle. Next, we see Kylo Ren in what is likely a completely different shot. He looks angry—and you can see a big scar over his right eye, which is a reminder of the ass-kicking he was on the wrong end of at the hands of Rey.

A building in the distance burns up and there's rubble everywhere. This looks like a continuation of the scene that we got a tiny glimpse of in The Force Awakens. Perhaps this is the moment when Kylo Ren destroyed whatever Jedi academy Luke Skywalker is running.

Captain Phasma ominously walks through destruction with a team of Stormtroopers close behind. The cut would suggest that she was responsible for destroying whatever building was on fire, but we're not so sure that's what happened. If she did destroy the academy, then she has a much larger role than we first thought.

A space battle breaks out with some new command vehicles we've never seen before. They look like lumbering rigs that aren't really designed for defense. It's unclear what planet they're above.

"It's time for the Jedi to end," Luke says as the movie's title card come on.

Clearly, Luke is very grumpy about whatever happened to his Jedi academy. But, damn. It sounds like he has no hope left. This conversation probably comes right after him and Rey meet. She probably asks him to train her and he rebuffs her request. Considering what appears to have happened to Kylo Ren—him going to the Dark Side and all—he doesn't want to risk Rey befalling the same fate.

So far as we can tell, the teaser doesn't hide too many secrets, instead re-introducing us to characters that were in The Force Awakens. After all, that film came out in 2015, so it's been a while since we last saw them.

Curiously absent from the trailer is Snoke and General Hux. We're not sure where they retreated to after the finale of The Force Awakens, and we're not really sure what kind of shape the First Order is in. However, the footage suggests that they're still mounting attacks on the Resistance, so it's likely Snoke and his pawns will soon gain the upper hand.

We'll continue to scrape through the trailer over the coming days. Was there anything big that we didn't spot?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.