We’re still waiting for Disney to release a trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But, until that happens, we have an account from someone who was lucky enough to see footage from the film, which was apparently shown at a recent Disney Shareholders event.

Note that there are very minor spoilers ahead

As was already revealed, The Last Jedi picks off directly where The Force Awakens left off, with Rey extending her arm to give Luke his lightsaber. But, as we saw, Luke wasn’t particularly pleased to see her, and now we know why: He has no damn clue who she is.

For all he knows, she could be an assassin sent there to kill him.

According to Daniel Miller, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times who was at the shareholder summit, Luke’s first words to Rey are, “Who are you?”

Kind of anti-climactic, no? I’m sure their interaction is much more enthralling then how I’m imagining it in my head. While Luke doesn’t say much, his words indicate the two have never met, which dispels a theory about Luke being Rey’s father.

When can we see the footage?

Since their interaction seems to indicate the two have never met, the mystery surrounding Rey deepens. We know she was dropped off on Jakku, but by whom? And why?

We should learn more about her past in The Last Jedi, along with why Luke exiled himself to an distant planet.

Disney is holding a Star Wars Celebration next month, where we hope to get our first glimpse at the upcoming film. After all, The Last Jedi hits theaters this December, which really isn’t all that far away.