Want to be one of the first to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens? You can start waiting in line now to ensure you get a spot. Or you can simply move to France, where the film is being released a full two days ahead of the movie’s debut here in the U.S. on Dec. 18. Not fair!

Additionally, the official Twitter page for The Force Awakens in the U.K. started a 100-day countdown, which ends on Dec. 17, one day ahead of the release here in the States. Which diehard fan is going to see the film in France on Dec. 16, in the U.K. on Dec. 17, and in the U.S. on Dec. 18?

There will be some early Thursday night previews here in the U.S., which I’m sure will be a huge event for longtime fans. There hasn’t really been many big midnight showings this year—at least any that I’ve had the desire to see. Star Wars seems like the perfect film to stay awake for. And why not get dressed up while you’re at it?

There are some big movies still to come out in 2015, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens is easily the biggest. We’re expecting a new trailer to hit this fall, but otherwise there are still plenty of secrets left to be uncovered about the new tale.