Word on the street is Lucasfilm is getting ready to release a brand new full-length trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the final one before the movie hits on Dec. 18. Not only that, but tickets are supposedly set to go on sale, giving die-hard fans the opportunity to secure their spot for opening night. Where will you be on Dec. 18? Hopefully in a theater watching the first Star Wars film since 2005.

When is all of this set to go down, you ask? Little rumor birdies claim the big festivities will take place on Monday, Oct. 19, which is just a few days away. But before all that even goes down, there’s going to be a teaser for the trailer during Sunday Night Football on ABC, so you better tune in. (And if you don’t like football, we’ll be sure to post the teaser on our site.)

Since a new trailer is just days away, we got to thinking: what will the trailer show? So far J.J. Abrams has only given us small glimpses of the new (but old) world of Star Wars, revealing the new characters while keeping the old ones shrouded in mystery. In fact, the only returning characters we’ve seen are Han Solo and Chewbacca, but even then the previous footage hasn’t shown much.

You can peep the past few trailers at the foot of this post for a recap of the footage we’ve seen thus far. We’ve also done a few different breakdowns discussing all the things you might have missed in the previous trailers, such as the lightsaber handoff, and the possible connection between Kylo Ren and Rey, who might be brother and sister, according to past rumors.

So what are we hoping to see next Monday? Well, for starters, it would be great to get a glimpse of Luke and Leia, both of whom we haven’t really seen at all save for a few leaked photos. There’s a lot of mystery around Luke’s current situation—is he in hiding? Why?—so a small look might give us an idea of what he’s doing. Additionally, what is Leia up to? And why isn’t she with Han?

Chances are Lucasfilm will keep the mystery going right up until the movie is released, but one can hope. We also haven’t seen Supreme Leader Snoke or Maz Kanata, characters we know very little about. We’ve seen a rough concept of what Maz Kanata might look like, but Snoke is just a ghost at this point.

I would expect the trailer to be a little more action focused, with plenty of dog fighting and lightsaber action. As a contrast, I’d also bet good money that BB-8, the popular new droid in The Force Awakens, to make an appearance or two. I’d also love to see Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie, to show off why she is going to be such a formidable foe.

There are a lot of possibilities, of course, and we really have no way of knowing what Lucasfilm is going to show off. What we do know is that a trailer is (probably) going to drop Monday morning, destroying the Internet and sending fanboys into a galaxy far, far away. We’ll be there to breakdown and analyze the entire thing one frame at a time. Until then, relive the first two trailers below.