During the Star Wars panel on Friday, Lucasfilm didn’t show off any new footage of the finished product, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get a glimpse of some great stuff. A behind the scenes video was shared by J.J. Abrams during the presentation, and it’s available right here for you to see. Warning: IT’S AMAZING.

One of the things Abrams stressed during the panel was that The Force Awakens was filmed with as many practical effects as possible, and that’s very apparent in the behind the scenes video. You see props, puppets, suits and huge ships. The sets look amazing as well, and there are so many extras it’s hard to keep track.

If you were worried that Abrams might take Star Wars in the wrong direction, don’t be. The original actors expressed how proud they are of the new film, with Hamill describing it thusly: “Nothing has changed really. I mean everything has changed, but nothing has changed.” That’s comforting coming from an actor so closely associated with the Star Wars universe.

Check out the video to see just how beautiful the Star Wars sets are. If you’re a longtime fan of the franchise, you just might shed a tear.