We’ve seen pretty much every major new character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but one that’s barely even mentioned is Supreme Leader Snoke, who is being played by Andy Serkis.

Snoke, so far as we can tell given the character’s secrecy, will be a major puzzle piece in the new trilogy, the kind of character who manipulates behind the scenes and is evil for the sake of evil. So what does this kind of character look like? Indie Revolver has an apparent picture of concept art for Snoke, finally giving us a glimpse of what to expect come December 18.

Indie Revolver warns that the image you see above, which just looks like an 8th grade art project, might not be the final design. As artists tend to do when characters are created, they go through multiple revisions and versions before a final design is settled upon, and the Snoke you see above was allegedly early on in the character’s creation. He’s got a kind of evil Ninja Turtles look to him.

“I hesitated in releasing this image, since I’m told that there are wildly different designs out there for this character,” Indie Revolver’s Jay Carlson wrote.

Consider the image above a prelude to whoever we see onscreen when The Force Awakens hits this December. We’re still not sure how large of a role Snoke will have, but given the mystery behind the character, it’s very likely he’ll be a very important part of Star Wars for years to come.