Every kid wants a lightsaber. But it’s the speeder bike, which appeared in Return of the Jedi, that I’ve always had a real affinity for.

As described by StarWars.com, speeder bikes come in both civilian and military models, with the Aratech 74-Z among the most well-known. This model was used during the Clone Wars and remained a staple among Imperial forces during the Galactic Civil War, most famously used during a chase on Endor.

Before man ever achieves a real speeder bike, the folks over at YouTube channel DevinSuperTramp have created the next best thing.

By refashioning a fleet of Jetovators, they were able to recreate the famous Endor chase, complete with a fun cameo by Chewbacca. Even a group of Ewoks make an appearance.

Where can I get one?

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story set to hit theaters next week, the timing of the short film couldn’t be better. Now, I wish speeder bikes would show up in every Star Wars movie.