The Nintendo 64 and PC classic Star Wars: Rogue Squadron has just launched on Steam, bringing the arcade style flight-combat game up to speed for the modern age. LucasArts and Disney Interactive have delivered an updated game that runs at a smoother framerate and even supports 3D visuals.

This updated version will set Star Wars fans back $9.99.

Rogue Squadron is often remembered as one of the first polygonal  Star Wars games to really do the sci-fi franchise justice, and it put development studio Factor 5 on the map. The studio 1up’d itself with the second game, Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, on the Nintendo GameCube a few years later, and hopefully, EA and Disney are able to get it up and running on Steam in the near future as well.

Rogue Squadron 3 is an okay game, but I don’t think many are clamoring for major comeback. The same goes for Lair, the game that sadly put Factor 5 out of commission.

  • Take on the Galactic Empire in X-wings, Y-wings, A-wings, V-wings, and snowspeeders.
  • Prove you’ve got what it takes against a slew of the Empire’s best and baddest, including AT-AT walkers, AT-STs, TIE fighters and more.
  • Test your flying skill through extraordinary environments ‒ over water, through canyons, deserts, and volcanic regions.
  • Astonishing 3D details include real time lighting and special effects (explosions, smoke, engine glow, tracer fire and more).

While I’ll always have a soft sport for Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron is a true gem from “a more civilized age,” and any fan of classic games should have it in their collection. It hasn’t aged perfectly, but then again, that’s half the fun of owning a lot of older games.