When the trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One hit, one of the big locations revealed was a new tropical planet; it almost looked like it would make for a nice vacation spot. However, with the Empire wreaking havoc on the serene paradise, we’re now second guessing whether or not it would actually make for a safe getaway.

Take, for example, these new photos from Rogue One. It looks like a nice place to escape on vacation until you realize it’s littered with Deathtroopers. The way the photos are shot almost makes it look like an absurd spread in Sports Illustrated. “Check out these new white armor diving suits. Very chic.”

We still don’t know the official name of the tropical planet, but it’s apparently meant to evoke “both heaven and hell—tranquility and war.”

“There’s this sort of South Pacific, tropical paradise planet that subconsciously leads into some of the imagery associated with World War II,” said director Gareth Edwards. “We went to lots of different places around the world, and one of them was the Maldives.”

While much of the focus is on the new beachfront location, there are a few really cool pictures of the Deathtroopers, including one of a Deathtrooper holding what looks like a Stormtrooper toy. What’s that all about?

In addition, we also get a few good looks at some of the new heroes we’ll meet in Rogue One, who you can learn all about right here.