Star Wars

Grab your blue milk and head down to the theater, because Star Wars films are going to be coming at you in rapid succession.

Speaking at CinemaCon – an annual convention for studios and theater owners – Disney announced that starting in 2015 you can expect a new Star Wars film every summer. The plan calls for main series films (i.e. Episode VII, Episode VIII and Episode IX) to come out every other year beginning 2015, and in-between we will be seeing character focused films.

So the schedule would work like this:

  • 2015 – Episode VII
  • 2016 – Character Film
  • 2017 – Episode VIII
  • 2018 – Character Film
  • 2019 – Episode IX
  • 2020 – Character film

With a schedule such as this there is sure to be some overlapping in filming, and that should also allow the studio to cut down on costs as the productions can then share sets and props.

As for the potential character films, we’ve already heard rumors of young versions of Han Solo and Boba Fett, and there has been some chatter about a possible Yoda film as well.

While this is sure to help Disney recoup its $4 billion dollar purchase of Lucasfilm a bit quicker, it does make you wonder what could happen to the quality. The films are sure to use different directors and crew, but is an assembly line a good idea for films? We’re about to find out.