“Classic” Star Wars video games have been making the rounds today, haven’t they? PlayStation Network is celebrating May the 4th with the re-release of several PlayStation 2 Classics, and now GOG is getting in on the action with a bundle of games to add to its library.

Star Wars games tend to be about as hit or miss as licenses come, and nowhere is this better demonstrated than this new offering of four games.

On the “hit” side, we have the Star Wars: Jedi Knight games. Fan love the first-person action adventure Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast thanks to its unique and exciting lightsaber battles and protagonist Kyle Katarn, who is no longer canon I suppose. I’ve never played Jedi Academy, but it also enjoys a solid reputation for its PC version at least.

Then we have the “miss” half of this equation from Star Wars: Rebel Assault I and II. These monstrosities were created when FMVs were believed to be the future of gaming, and they reek of stinky cheese and SEGA-CD/3D0 quality graphics. I don’t know which is worse. They are rail-shooters featuring minimal interaction, and you might just be better off watching them on YouTube if you are interested.

Otherwise, only those with nostalgia need apply.

In other news, Star Wars X-Wing and Star Wars TIE-Fighter have updated to the CD-ROM version of the games featuring “upgraded graphics with the classic MUSE sound system, and a refined flight engine.” Those who already purchased the game through GOG will get the update for free.

Discounts are also available in the form of the Saber Bundle and the Blaster Bundle. Both of these are loaded with upper echelon Star Wars games, but the Saber Bundle definitely more elegant and comes from a more civilized age. The Blaster Bundle is a bit more clumsy and random in its choices, but it does feature TIE Fighter. These will be available until May 7.

May the Force be with you.