Is it possible that we live in a world with more canceled Star Wars video games than released Star Wars video games? Maybe.

Add another to the list. This time it’s Star Wars: Outpost, a game that’s been revealed to the folks at Eurogamer by an anonymous source. Its development pre-dates Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars brand, so don’t go aiming those cannons at the House of Mouse just yet.

Eurogamer learned quite a bit about this game. It was a hardcore strategy sim for the PC and mobile platforms. It was being developed by a 30-person team in Singapore, and it was approximately 90% complete at the time of its cancelation.

Eurogamer also acquired all the art you see in this post.

Their source had some things to say about the project, too. First, they addressed the notion that this thing was a Farmville game in Star Wars clothing.

“The previous leaks mentioned a social game that was supposed to be Star Wars’ answer to Farmville…This is absolutely wrong…

The people who thought [Outpost was a] Farmville game were from the US office. They had no idea about this game either – except just a few key people. This was being made 100 per cent in Singapore.”

They went on to say that the game was a hardcore experience, closer to titles like EVE and Settlers of Catan.

“The best way to describe the game is if Star Wars met Settlers of Catan/EVE…You would take control of an Outpost on a planet within [the Star Wars galaxy]. The land on the planet was finite and so were the resources, so you were forced to search out and find other players. You had choices to either work with them or betray them for their resources…

..You could then start supplying weapons/ships/tools etc. to either the Rebels or the Empire. Supporting each side would control a balance of power where that side could start taking over the Galaxy.”

According to the source, the game wound up being canceled because it was too niche. I don’t know, sounds like this thing would have done well enough to me. Definitely better than Star Wars for the Kinect. Yikes.

There’s more about the game at Eurogamer. Check that out in the source link below.