Disney and Lucasfilm took to the stage at the D23 expo on Saturday to unveil a new behind-the-scenes footage from Star Wars The Last Jedi. The amount of new footage in this video is staggering, so buckle up.

There is a lot of information to absorb here:

  • We see Rey officially handing the lightsaber to Luke.
  • New costumes for Rey and Luke.
  • Finn wearing a pilot's uniform.
  • Ridley fighting multiple opponents in a training scene, implying Rey will take on a few people at once.
  • General Hux survived Starkiller Base for sure as did Phasma.
  • New beasts and alien races.
  • Chewie flying something other than the Falcon.
  • Rose and Finn disguised in First Order uniforms.
  • A-Wings were suspected, but we see them for sure now.
  • Some new First Order stormtroopers.

Star Wars The Last Jedi hits theaters on Dec. 15.