The opening crawl from Star Wars is among the most iconic in Hollywood history, even if it’s not very imaginative. So what would the galaxy from far, far away look like in the sophisticated attire of a James Bond flick? Stunning, as this new animation by Kurt Rauffer shows.

Rauffer took the distinct, languid animated opening from recent James Bond flicks and infused it with Star Wars iconography—more specifically, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. What might otherwise be a Frankenstein mashup becomes a captivating sight.

Here’s what Rauffer had to say about what inspired him to make the video:

Growing up in the 90s where Star Wars was released on VHS, the franchise really sparked my imagination as a child. It not only let me exercise my imagination but also supplied me with some of the happiest memories as I watched it with my family. After re-watching The Empire Strikes Back, I decided to use this as a chance to create a homage in the form of a title sequence. This would also serve as my senior “thesis” at SVA and took me the whole semester to complete.

Well, I think it’s safe to say that Rauffer passes with flying colors. Check it out below.