Star Wars Dark Forces

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about a Humble Bundle, but I’m in a bit of a Star Wars mood. The website has nine games available now for whatever price you want to pay, and some of these are undeniable classics.

We’ll start off the with lowest tier of availability. Even with the bottom price, you’re actually getting three of the strongest games on the list. The absolute best is none other than Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which can easily make a statement as the best Star Wars game of all time let alone stand apart from this rabble. Dark Forces was hated on at release because it is a Star Wars “DOOM clone,” but time has been pretty gracious to it.

As for Jedi Academy, well, I’d rather go back and play Dark Forces II or Jedi Outcast instead. Maybe they’ll pop up again in the coming week.

For the second tier of games, which requires a payment of the average price, we have another three beloved classics. Battlefront II is still the standard by which all big battle Star Wars games are judged after all these years, probably because a successor never came out. That will all change during this holiday season once a new game finally releases… unless it’s hit by a delay. You might as well see what all the hype was about now.

Knights of the Old Republic II is a wonderful game that doesn’t quite match up to its predecessor. It tries a lot of unique ideas and storytelling gimmicks that sometimes prove genius, and other times proved to be more than the development schedule and budget could allow for.

Republic Commando is a first-person tactical shooter, but I’ve never gotten around to playing it. Fans often hold it in high regard.

The top $12 tier is not worth really your time unless RTS games are your thing. Empire of War might be worth the $1 admission price, since the average sits at $11 as of writing. I’ve never played it, so I can’t say. That $1 also might be worth just a glimpse at how lame those Force Unleashed games really are.

I’m going to hold out for a week to see if Dark Forces II or Jedi Outcast crop up in the surprise category. I’m also seriously disappointed in the lack of Yoda Stories.

Yoda Stories

Don’t hate, that game was awesome!