If we’re being honest here, Star Wars has never been a constant seal of quality on a video game. There is both a dark and a light in its expansive library of hits over the years, and the latest Star Wars Humble Bundle has a showing of both, conflicted as Kylo Ren himself.

At the $1 level, you’ll find some of the dregs of Star Wars. Although these are hardly the worst ever made, mixed feelings towards minor duds like Star Wars: Rebellion and Star Wars Galactic Battleground define this base tier. The games no doubt have their fans, but you’re going to have to cough up more money if you want to reap the major benefits from this bundle.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its underrated sequel Knights of the Old Republic 2Star Wars TIE Fighter, and Star Wars X-Wing Special Edition align at the average price tier, which is $6.50 as of writing. Immediately, we see a jump in quality in the game selection as these are all undeniable classics and the best selection of games to ever sport the Star Wars brand.

More mystery games are on the way, and I can’t imagine how Humble Bundle will match this caliber. Maybe Jedi Outcast 2

At $10, we have Star Wars: Empire at War Gold Edition and LEGO Star Wars- The Complete Saga, two solid games but hardly able to stand up to the average priced tier.

Stick to the average price tier. If I were a Sith Lord and ruled the galaxy with an iron fist, every being alive would have to play Knights of the Old Republic at least once in their lives. That day will come, and you’ll already have your digital copy in your library.