Of all the Star Wars games that were canceled when LucasFilm was bought out by Disney, not a lot of people really know about Star Wars: First Assault. At least I didn't.

The inspiration here is a little too obvious. It's totally Call of Duty. I mean, it has a Stormtrooper looking out the side of an open cargo hold on a ship as he cruises over an exploding city below. Is there any more of a cliche scene in video gaming? The sprinting, staring down the barrel, radio communication, and objectives just make it that much more uncanny.

It was supposed to be an online multiplayer game that would lead into Star Wars: Battlefront III, but we all know the "nowhere" direction that project took once it hit the 99 percent completion marker. However, when Disney took over and gave the license to EA, it was permanently shelved with the rest of the games. The YouTube quote reads:

This was a tech beta ran on Xbox Live a while back before the game was canned. The beta only had this one level and i couldn't spawn bots or add another player.

Just another look at what could have been. Are we in a better place now than where we were two years ago? I think so. Star Wars 1313 might have been special, though.