Filming is underway in Dubrovnik, Croatia on Star Wars: Episode VIII, and now set photos are beginning to appear.

Before we dive in here, yes, there may be spoilers. The intrepid photographers of TMZ captured some photos of the sets and background actors taking part in the production of Star Wars Episode VIII currently in Croatia. It is unknown right now as to what exactly is happening in the scenes, but based on the costumes seen in the gallery above, it seems to be some sort of formal occasion. It almost seems like galactic citizens attending a performance or some other event.

The speeder you'll see in the gallery, however, is known to be used in a chase scene, so don't expect this be all formal and boring.

Meanwhile, other scenes are being shot on the beaches outside the city with some intriguing new soldiers spotted on set by DuList.


What's interesting about these pictures is the writing on their helmets – which is in the Star Wars written language of Aurebesh – spells out "CBPD," indicating it is a police force of some kind. There has been some speculation now that the formal event, the various regal clothes and so on, may all point to this being a funeral for Han Solo on his home planet of Corellia. Again, this is speculation, and as anyone who has seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens knows, there isn't exactly anything left of Han to bury.

While an intriguing theory, Corellia has always been described as an industrial world, but with the expanded universe having been tossed out the window, this could very well be a change. What we do know for sure is this doesn't look like any planet we've seen before, and that's always a good thing in a Star Wars film.

It is unknown how long filming is scheduled to remain in Croatia, but there are sure to be more photos before too long.

Star Wars: Episode VIII will hit theaters on Dec. 17, 2017.