Star Wars thumb

In addition to announcing the first spin-off Star Wars film, Disney on Thursday revealed the release date for Star Wars Episode VIII: May 26, 2017. The Force Awakens is set to come out in December of this year, which means fans will have over a year to wait until the second film in the new saga hits theaters. You will, however, have two Star Wars films within a six month span, so it's not all bad.

Disney confirmed that Rian Johnson (Looper, The Brothers Bloom) is being tasked with writing and directing Episode VIII, which will pick up right where Episode VII leaves off. The May 26, 2017 date is special in the Star Wars universe, as it's exactly forty years and a day after the release of A New Hope in 1977. No major details (of course) have been revealed, but one thing's for sure: Disney has some big movies coming out over the next decade.