It looks like the Millennium Falcon is taking to the stars in Star Wars Episode VII.

TMZ has managed to obtain over 20 images from creature and set building shop for Star Wars Episode VII – we assume in England – it shows what we can only assume is the Millennium Falcon being built for the new film. While it’s true the Falcon is a Corellian YT-1300 freighter, it seems highly unlikely they would go through this expense to build a generic ship.

Some other notable things from the images:

  • It appears that there is an X-Wing and an X-Wing variant being built. The variant can be distinguished by its shorter nose and much larger engine intake.
  • The pig-nosed beast from the other set pics shows up again. Due to the amount of work going into this piece, it seems unlikely this is just set decoration.
  • There are some generic looking set pieces sitting around, not sure of the setting or location these would come from.

The fact that the Millennium Falcon is back just sent this fan boy into orbit, and is sure to do the same to many others. That ship is as much of a character of the original trilogy as any of the humans, droids or Wookies ever were.

One just has to wonder if she is in better shape than she was in say The Empire Strikes Back.

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