It looks like the world of Tatooine is really taking shape for Star Wars Episode VII.

TMZ has managed to obtain over 40 images from the Abu Dhabi set for Star Wars Episode VII. While they don’t give away any sense of plot, nor do we see any of the main cast, it is still thrilling to see what’s happening in a galaxy far, far away. Some notable things do pop up in the images though:

  • We have no clue what the pig-nosed beast is, but the fact it’s on set instead of being CGI is awesome.
  • The giant engine looks a bit too big to be a Pod Racer engine. Lets hope we’re correct.
  • The sign written in Aurebesh – the written language of Star Wars – says “Warning.” (I had to look up the translation… I swear)
  • It appears that this set is some sort of market/animal pen.
  • You can see at least one moisture vaporator in the pictures lending credence to this being Tatooine.

It’s unclear who shot these pictures, but seeing as they appear to have been pretty open about it, and up close, we’re sure the folks at Disney/Lucasfilm are less than happy.

I have to say, as a fan from the beginning in 1977, the fact that so much is on set as opposed to being done with green screen really makes me happy. This feels like a return to the original trilogy in a lot of ways, and that is definitely a good thing in my book.

Update: Two new cast members have just been announced, and their big names!

Update: New pics including the Millennium Falcon have surfaced!