It’s been nearly one year since the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and fans are still trying to move on from what Rian Johnson did to the franchise. With Episode IX on the horizon, fans are starting to look forward to the future with possible theories of what J.J. Abrams could do with the new sequel.

One such theory posted on Reddit offers a terrifying twist to the fate of Rey’s parents. Abrams gave us one mysterious take on Rey’s parents in The Force Awakens before Johnson pretty much discarded it in The Last Jedi. Abrams could tie the two together with one crazy twist that would continue to connect Rey and Kylo Ren.

Was just watching TLJ last night and caught a line I hadn’t seen anyone mention, Kylo talking about Rey’s parents: “they’re dead in a paupers’ grave in the Jakku desert.” Now, he’s sure implying that with a lot of certainty, but as far as we know, the last Rey saw of her parents was them flying away in a ship (if that WAS her parents in that ship and not someone else)… how does Kylo know that they are dead?

Well, maybe one of the big twists in Episode IX is that Rey pulled that ship down with the force (a theory I have seen elsewhere, not my original idea) she blocked it out, but now that she has met Kylo, she realizes she also killed her parents and is not so different than him, this is part of what brings them closer in TLJ, but we are not made privy to this detail of their memory exchange.

That’s a pretty gnarly idea for Episode IX. Rey has been a Jedi-in-training, but all throughout her development, her connection to a Dark Side has been implied. Presenting the idea that she accidentally killed her parents using the Force as they left her on Jakku would be a great way to elaborate on her darker tendencies, even though it’s a disturbing one. It would also show that the difference between Rey and Kylo Ren isn’t so black and white as initially thought.

We really doubt Disney would go in that direction with the main character of its marquee Star Wars movie, but it’s certainly interesting food for thought.