With more than a year out from its release, very few details about are known about Star Wars: Episode IX. However, a new report claims to have inside information on the upcoming film, which is alleged to feature a huge twist that will blow audiences away.

According to the report, the film will see General Hux (Domnhall Gleeson) become a more prominent figure in Episode IX—but not for the reasons you think. Apparently, Hux will become increasingly angry and jealous of Kylo Ren and attempt to overthrow his rule of the First Order.

Here’s the twist, though: in Episode IX, we’ll find Hux feeding information to the Resistance in an attempt to undermine Kylo Ren and stifle the First Order’s advancements. If true, it would betray everything Hux believes in, making for a compelling story.

Now, just because Hux might feed the Resistance information doesn’t mean he has suddenly turned good. If you remember back to The Force Awakens, Hux was introduced as a classic villain who was deeply committed to the cause of the First Order.

But due to his relationship with Kylo Ren, which hasn’t been good from the start, Hux would rather see Kylo Ren fail than see him succeed. So, Hux will use the Resistance to push back against Kylo Ren and seize the opportunity to rule over the First Order himself.

As far as Star Wars rumors go, it makes a lot of sense. We’ll find out if Hux really does become a mole inside the First Order when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters in December of next year.