Before Luke Skywalker crash-lands on Dagobah in Empire Strikes Back, Jedi Master Yoda lived a quiet life exiled on the swampy planet. But, no, Luke had to intrude on his home, interrupting the tranquility of Yoda’s humble abode.

Dagobah seems like an unusual place to settle down, especially for someone so strong with the Force. But look deeper, you must, and you’ll understand why Yoda was so attracted to the bayou atmosphere. Not only is he hidden away from whiney Jedis-in-training like Luke, but it’s actually quite peaceful.

Take, for example, this 94-minute video fittingly titled “94 Minutes on Dagobah.” If the daily grind of the work week has got you down, meditate to the calming sounds of Dagobah’s wildlife, which is bustling and lively. No wonder the planet was considered one of the purest places in the galaxy.

Personally, I kind of prefer Ahch-To, the planet in which Luke Skywalker was found on at the end of The Force Awakens. In any case, sit back and enjoy the relaxing sounds of Dagobah. You might even get a whiff of the wisps of smoke emanating from Yoda’s hut.