Vanity Fair on Wednesday released never-before-seen pictures from the set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, giving us a fantastic look at Rey, Luke, Leia, and more. Even better, we finally know who Benicio Del Toro is playing.

First order of business, Vanity Fair’s cover story reveals Del Toro’s character is named DJ, who is described as an unscrupulous grifter. I imagine if you saw Del Toro on the streets his appearance wouldn’t be too far off his character in The Last Jedi.

His photo doesn’t really tell us much—he’s in a industrial location wearing a full-body length coat, suggesting he prefers to blend into the background. How he fits into the overall narrative remains unclear.

I’m just taking a wild stab in the dark here, but my guess is he has a history with Poe. It’s that old cliched dynamic: one is a successful Resistance pilot, while the other is a deadbeat swindler who takes advantage of people. That’s just a guess.

Vanity Fair’s story also reveals Laura Dern will play Vice Admiral Holdo, a prominent officer in the Resistance. Dern looks absolutely fabulous in her violet gown and matching hair. Although she’s said to be a officer in the Resistance, rumors have said she may become an antagonist at some point.

Finally, the report sheds light on a new location known as Canto Bight, which is said to feature opulent casinos filled with wealthy aliens. The picture looks like it’s straight from the Met Gala, which typically features truly outlandish fashion.

The entire Vanity Fair story is full of wonderful anecdotes, too, along with descriptions of a few scenes, like one where Leia slaps Poe.

“I think we did 27 takes in all, and Carrier leaned into it every time, man,” said Oscar Isaac. “She loved hitting me. Rian found such a wonderful way of working with her, and I think she really relished it.”

You can check out the full story in the source link below.