Star Wars Battlefront will ship without a server browser. This was confirmed by Mat Everett, the game’s Community Manager, in a Reddit thread regarding the announcement of the game’s beta phase.

One Redditor asked whether or not the game will have a server browser, and here’s what Everett offered back.

Star Wars Battlefront will not offer a server browser, but will utilize a new skill based matchmaking system.

That response received a ton of negative feedback, both in the form of downvotes putting Everett’s comment below the view threshold and in actual comments. Here’s a smattering of that feedback.

Well, PC players are going to be pissed if its true for them. No buy for me if true.

The year is 2015 and developers are still trying to ram matchmaking down PC gamers’ throats.

.I guess I won’t offer my money to support this game.

Fans are not happy.

What’s a server browser? Basically, this lets players hop into the online portion of the game and use the search bar and filters to find exactly the type of server they want to play on. If they want to play nothing but games on Hoth with precise match lengths, player counts and, in plenty of instances, a specific community, browsers make this possible.

They’re a demanded feature in PC shooters. DICE has one in Battlefield 4, for instance. The feature’s absence from Star Wars Battlefront is something that a lot of players are taking issue with.

We’ll see if DICE decides to reconsider their stance on this after all the feedback.

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