Is there some kind of irony in complaining about a balance of power between the Imperials and Rebels in Star Wars Battlefront? I mean, that’s kind of the whole point of the film trilogy. What fun would Star Wars be if the Rebels were just as strong as Palpatine’s forces?

More specifically, players have a problem with the Battle of Hoth because it’s nearly impossible for the Rebels to win. Fans argue there is nothing to counter the Imperial AT-ATs with because every Wookie from Tatooine to Endor knows the old “harpoon and tow-cable” trick after playing this map in every single Star Wars game ever made for the last 30 years.

Plus, you know… the Rebels lose that battle because of the AT-AT superiority. Just sticking to the source material, I suppose. Fans want DICE to change the outcome of the fight, but you know George Lucas only rewrites the films, not the games.

I kid, of course. In the movies it’s fine, but in a game, there needs to be an equal opportunity for both teams to win, and DICE acknowledges this. The way to destroy the AT-AT is a challenging one which requires activating beacons in order to start a Y-Wing run to incapacitate them and then hitting them with everything the team has in a very very short time frame. It’s not easy to pull off.

Wow. Now that the beta test has come to a close, there certainly seems to be a lot of negativity around the game. I thought it was going well, but the impression I’m getting is that if this wasn’t a Star Wars game, a lot of people wouldn’t be caring. But because it is a Star Wars game, it’s totally awesome sauce.

Either way, DICE better get cracking on those updates. Star Wars Battlefront launches on Nov. 17 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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