That didn’t take long, did it? A new mod from Martin Bergman has blown up as it moves the already pretty Star Wars Battlefront towards uncanny realism.

The mod, which is apparently the second build of Bergman’s Toddyhancer for Battlefront, gives the game a much more life like look. In fact, some of the shots are almost jarring because they look so much like stills from a flick instead of stills from a game.

The mod supposedly reduces performance by “around 30-40 FPS.” Bergman has indicated that he will release it for public use, though I doubt without tuning it up.

This graphics mod comes just a week after Star Wars Battlefront‘s release. Imagine what we’ll see in the coming months and years. I get the feeling games are soon going to look scary realistic.

We recently reviewed Battlefront, and you can dig into that here.

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