For many of us, Star Wars isn’t just a trilogy of movies or even a simply favorite movie. It’s part of our history, something we spent days watching and rewatching, obsessing over novels and comics, and collecting memorabilia. If you took Star Wars out of our pasts, huge chunks would be missing. This commercial, then, advertising Star Wars Battlefront‘s upcoming release on PlayStation 4, knows exactly who it’s going after and what one of the game’s biggest strengths is.

It’s one thing to live out Star Wars fantasies in games like Knights of the Old Republic or The Force Unleashed, where there’s that story and designed gameplay. It’s another thing entirely to let us get in there with our friends, both with and against, and make the wish fulfillment a group experience.

If you grew up with Star Wars in your life, this commercial might hit you right in the gut. What? No, I’m not crying. I just got some smoke in my eyes, from a droid with a bad motivator.

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